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Tantrums in general are normal. Our children are not equipped to handle their emotions when things don't go their way. We need to teach them how. If you're here because you want to be ahead of the game, that's awesome. Most are here because they find themselves in the midst of Tantrums and don't know how to get them under control.

Just remember, children don't throw temper tantrums by getting a YES to their requests.

Good parents MUST make wise decisions in the best interest of their children, which means their answer will sometimes be, "No."

You're doing a great job as a parent, and this course can help you become empowered and confident!!

Finally, one thing to understand...when you change one area about yourself, it affects many other areas in your life as well! So, while this IS a course about Handling Tantrums, you're going to learn how to handle several other things about YOU as well!



Kim Snyder

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